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Add Value

Get More Orders, Bigger Tickets, and Happier Customers

We’ve designed features specifically to increase ticket size and promote repeat sales.

Cross Selling

Fries and a coke with your burger – The best way to boost ticket size is to suggest relevant pairings as your customer orders.

Our system learns your customers’ preferences and automatically tunes itself over time to suggest the most successful items.

Social / Viral Sharing Reward Campaigns

Provide incentives for viral sharing on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Your customers share a special deal / promotion with their friends via a personal link that we generate for each of your customers.

When their friends order, the original referring customer then receives a special coupon for their next order.

The more your customers share, the more orders you receive!

Item Imagery

Use rich images to entice sales and spruce up your menu. It’s easy to upload your pictures and make your menu look great.

Easy Repeat Ordering

Let’s face it – sometimes “the usual” is all we want. We make it easy for customers to get their “usual” with just a few clicks, and by saving a card on file, they can skip entering payment info as well!

Get Started

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