POS system for Bar and Nightclub

POS system for Bar and Nightclub

POS system for Bar and Nightclub of APS stands out in the scene of bars, nighclubs and discotecas for its speed in opening and closing orders that finally translate to happy customers.

Also the ability to preapprove cards, inventory management, account separation, remote access and much more make our POS system for Bar and Nightclub the ideal for your business.

We know your business and the most notable of our POS system is that sowftware and hardware are designed to last and work hard for you. If you are looking for a new POS system for Bar and Nightclub to provide a pleasant experience for the customer, your employee and you as business owner, look no further, call APS and you will realize the big difference.

✓ Custom Screen Layouts

✓ High Speed Credit Card Processing

✓ Packaged Commands

✓ Suggestive Selling

✓ Drive Thru Control

✓ Cash Trays

✓ Blind Checkouts

✓ IP Camera Log

✓ Flexible Order Routing

✓ Recalled Orders

✓ Order Tracking

✓ Multiple Monitors & Orders

✓ Bumpbar

✓ Inventory Items and Recipes

✓ Entering Invoices and Inventories

✓ Inventory Reporting

✓ Daily Sales Report

✓ Labor & Sales Reports

✓ Checkout & Cashier Reports

✓ Product Mix Reports

✓ Sales Contest

✓ Inventory Reports

✓ Employee Performance Reports

✓ Gift Card Reports

✓ House Account Statements

✓ Customer Loyalty Reports

✓ Media Reports

✓ GL Interface Reports (QuickBooks, ACCPAC and compatible programs)

✓ Fingerprint Access

✓ Labor Forecasts

✓ Stage Images

✓ Skill Levels

✓ Named Schedules

✓ Instant Discounts

✓ Bonus Discounts

✓ Bonus Coupons

✓ Skill Levels

✓ Customer Marketing

✓ Integrated Gift Cards

✓ High Speed Transactions

✓ Reload Gift Cards

✓ Gift Card Reports

✓ Reports

✓ Data Backup

✓ Menu Downloads

✓ Corporate Messages

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