POS for Restaurants

POS for restaurants is designed to reduce training time, increase profits and control labor costs. Features such as Table Management, Counter Service, Inventory Control, Reporting, Labor Scheduling, Customer Loyalty, Gift Cards and Enterprise help manage and control operations to ensure your Miami restaurant runs smoothly and efficiently.

✓ Graphical Floor Plans

✓ Multiple Floor Plans

✓ Stage Images

✓ Default Number of Guests

✓ Table Alerts

✓ Inventory Items and Recipes

✓ Entering Invoices and Inventories

✓ Inventory Reporting

✓ Daily Sales Report

✓ Labor & Sales Reports

✓ Checkout & Cashier Reports

✓ Product Mix Reports

✓ Sales Contest

✓ Inventory Reports

✓ Employee Performance Reports

✓ Gift Card Reports

✓ House Account Statements

✓ Customer Loyalty Reports

✓ Media Reports

✓ GL Interface Reports (QuickBooks, ACCPAC and compatible programs)

✓ Fingerprint Access

✓ Labor Forecasts

✓ Stage Images

✓ Skill Levels

✓ Named Schedules

✓ Instant Discounts

✓ Bonus Discounts

✓ Bonus Coupons

✓ Skill Levels

✓ Customer Marketing

✓ Integrated Gift Cards

✓ High Speed Transactions

✓ Reload Gift Cards for POS for restaurants

✓ Gift Card Reports

✓ Reports

✓ Data Backup

✓ Menu Downloads

✓ Corporate Messages

APS offers POS for restaurants solution that enables restaurants in the table service industry to increase their average ticket size, increase table sales volume, improve customer service, and streamline food preparation for A quick service. In addition, our Point of Sale for Restaurant system gives managers all the key metrics they need in an interface so they can spend more time with customers and less time running reports.

• Quick Service / Pizza restaurant
• Counter Service
• Delivery

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